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Once The Skull Spoke to Me... Moid Siddiqui,
Managing Director, Intellects Biz

Almost a decade ago, I saw a dream…

I was strolling in the royal memorial park in silence of death with breathing my awareness. My mind was packed with many thoughts and pregnant with many intuitive perceptions. In my daydreaming in the dead night my right foot struck with something. Not on purpose, I kicked it. I don’t know why I did so! It rolled down a few feet and stopped. Chill ran through my spine. Unwittingly I had kicked a human skull. It felt so bad within, though I didn’t do it intentionally.

The skull gave me a deadly smile and spoke to me:

“Oh proud man with lungful of air and gushing energy, be humble to life. Don’t kick even the worthless, for you know not what is worthy and what is of no worth!” After a lull of hush the skull again spoke to me. “Once upon a time I was also a proud head of a bigheaded crown prince. What lies under your feet today was the royal head swollen with pride in yester years.”

A tear rolled down on my cheek and made me humble. I understood life after meeting the death.

‘My each footstep will pace in humility’, I swore.

When I got up my life was transformed. Today I am not proud of my material possessions. If someone wants to take the account of his authentic gains he should sit down and make a list of the items he has acquired. Then, he should go on striking out from the list each achievement that is materialistic in kind, like car, career-growth, bungalow, bank-balance, accumulation of wealth etc. What are left on the list are the real gains the man has made.

Life is simple and humble, but we made it so complicated by joining the rat-race, forgetting that eventually the winner remains a rat after all!


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